Tire Cutting Machine

Tire cutting is the important step before tire pyrolysis and recycling. So buying economical and practical tyre cutters is also important. Now, tire cutting machine sales from Kingtiger Group is the most appropriate choice, due to it has the competitive price, high quality, simple operation as well as the low-cost maintenance.

Hydraulic Tire Cutting Machine is applied to cut the whole tyre with diameter more than 1200mm into appropriate blocks.

This tyre cutting machine consists of motor, hydraulic pressure system, operating cylinder, a pair of blades, rack as well as rotation gear, etc.

Tire cutting machine
Hydraulic Tire Cutting Machine for Sale from Kingtiger

Technical Parameters of Hydraulic Tire Cutter Machine from Kingtiger

Hydraulic Tire Cutting Machine
Power 18.5KW
Loading type Mechanical hoisting
Tyre size ≤3000mm
Weight 25t
Hydraulic pull 380T

Operating principle: hydraulic system and cylinder are drove by the motor. Waste tyres will be put between two blades. Then the locking arm drove by locked oil cylinder will move to lock the tire. The blades drove by oil cylinder will rotate to cut the tire. It can be operated easily and safely due to hydraulic system.

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