Used Tire Processing Plant for Sale

Used tire processing plant for sale from Kingtiger Group is used for processing waste tires into granules and rubber powder. And steel wire and fiber will be separated from used tyres. It is free of pollution during the whole process. End products such as rubber granules, rubber powder and steel wire have the very good market. At the same time, environmental pollution caused by waste tires and rubbers will be reduced. This plant is also called as tyre recycling equipment.

Tire shredding machine
Used Tire Processing Plant for Sale in Kingtiger

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Kingtiger Group is a famous manufacturer in waste processing plant. We have decades of experience in waste disposal. Our tyre processing plant can recycle all kind of waste tires (radial steel tyres and nylon tyres), max out diameter of waste tyres is 1200mm.

Process of Used Tire Processing Plant for Sale in Kingtiger

  1. Remove steel wire from waste tyres by tyre wire puller.
  2. After removal of steel wire, scrap tyres will be cut into blocks by cutting machine.
  3. The blocks will be shred into chips by tyre shredding machine.
  4. After tires have been crushed, they shall be crushed by coarse crusher into small size.
  5. Fiber will be separated by fiber separator. Then you will get clean rubber granules.
Tyre recycle machine
Scrap Tyres Processing Machine in Kingtiger

Rubber granules and powder are widely used in chemical, light industry, transportation, construction, plastic products, and other fields. Rubber powder industry is direction of waste tires comprehensive utilization, with high technological content, market potential, and broad market prospects.

Otherwise, Kingtiger suppliers also suppliers other waste disposal plants such as tire pyrolysis to oil machine, waste sort system, and waste oil recycling unit. if you are interested in them, please check out our homepage.

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