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Pyrolysis equipment is the hot-sale product in Kingtiger Group. Our waste pyrolysis machine can turn many kinds into fuel oil and carbon black, such as waste plastics, waste tyres, waste rubber, medical waste and oil sludge. So pyrolysis system for waste has other names: plastic to oil machine, tyre to oil plant, etc. Kingtiger waste to oil pyrolysis plant not only can produce the high quality pyrolysis oil, more importantly, it is environmental and safe. It is equipped with the advanced environmental treatment system.

Safety Design of Kingtiger Waste Pyrolysis to Oil Plant for Sale

  • Hydro-seal system: combustible gas (CH4, H2, CO) will be produced in the pyrolysis process, these gas will be sent into hydro-seal system to remove sulphur and impurities. The small quantity of remaining combustible gas will be sent to the exhaust gas combustion chamber for burning, these hydrocarbon will be converted into harmless CO2 and H2O. Meanwhile, combustible gas will be recycled by the single way filtering system or re-burning system to prevent fire back burned.
  • Explosion-proof valve on the hydro-seal.
  • Fire resistant suit and related fire-fighting device.
  • All motor has features of explosion-proof, water proof, take cover. All motor can be changed into ABB, Siemens, Schneider, as your required.
  • Our feeding system and discharging system are complete sealed, which can prohibit air leakage.
  • Unique bent oil-gas inlet design can reduce carbon black fly with oil-gas, improving the quality of the oil. And the bent can slow the gas, cooling effect is better.
  • Our pyrolysis plant is equipped with safety valve, alarm light, emergency emptying valve, pressure gage, temperature gage.
  • Alveolate oil gas out filter, 100% anti jamming, it can prevent big particle of carbon black and steel wire.

Technical Advantages Parts of Waste Pyrolysis Equipment

Waste plastic to oil recycling plant in india
High Quality Pyrolysis Reactor of Waste Pyrolysis Equipment

Pyrolysis Reactor

Kingtiger pyrolysis reactor uses Q345R. This material is more suit to produce reactor compared with Q235R, because of Q345R has features of better expanding, ductility and high temperature resistance. Thus can prolong the service life of pyrolysis furnace about 5 to 8years. Mean while, the thickness of the reactor is 16mm, which will save fuel for heating.

Waste pyrolysis equipment for sale
Base of Waste Pyrolysis Furnace in Kingtiger

Base of Pyroysis Reactor

All-in-one style reactor is based with overall welding, which can save 10% to 15% civil working period.

Waste recycling plant China
Casing of Waste Pyrolysis System

Casing of High Quality Waste Pyroysis Furnace

Whole refractory material (cement & sand) are available instead of ceramic wool, but the weight will be increase. If you don’t want to use the material above, casing can also be made of high quality material with high temperature resistant. And it also can be specially customized according to your request. One set of the pyrolysis reactor is equipped with 4 pieces of casing, which will supply good warm keeping function and save fuel cost of heating.

The best pyrolysis furnace
Pyrolysis Reactor Door with Different Types

Reactor Door of Pyroysis Plant

In order to meet different raw material and different feeding way, the door can be designed as client’s requirement. There is a round opening in the middle of the door, it will be used to connect to automatic feeder. Once this round opening is covered with flange, it will be used as batch type.

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According to meet different requirement, our company can supply three type of waste pyrolysis equipment: batching pyrolysis machine, semi-continuous pyrolysis machine and fully automatic pyrolysis machine. They have different price.

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