Carbon Black Grinding Machine

Carbon black is an indispensable important chemical raw material, especially in rubber industrial. It is hot sale on the market. However, investment of carbon black production is very large, because of expensive raw material and strict process. But we can get it from another method by recycling waste tyres. Carbon black produced from waste tyres recycling can be sold out directly. If this carbon black can be processed by carbon black grinding machine, it will be sold out by a higher price.

Activated carbon micro powder mill
3D Drawing of Carbon Black Grinding Machine in Kingtiger

As a professional manufacturer for waste recycling machine, Kingtiger Group also has researched and developed a suit of carbon black grinder mill, which is also called as the carbon black processing machine. Our machine has 3 models of BMF-10, BMF-20, BMF-30, with capacity of 325kg/h, 600 kg/h and 1500 kg/h. Our machine introduces advanced German technology. It is a specialized advanced mill, there is free of any waste water and waste gas in the whole process.

Carbon black processing machine
Carbon Black Grinding Machine Cost in Kingtiger

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Technical Parameters of Kingtiger Carbon Black Grinding Machine

Ring Size(D*H)(mm)780*150830*140950*170
Rotating Speed of Main Mill(r/min)160150130
The Final Size(mesh)325325325
Capacity (KG/H)1506001500
Power of Main Frame(KW)18.52237
Power of Air Blower(kw)152230
Power of Classifier(KW)2.245.4
Dimension (mm)(L * W * H)4300*3500*51005300*4100*52007100*5900*7900

After grinding by carbon black powder grinding mill, waste tyres recycled carbon black is mainly used as reinforcing agent for rubber products. Scope of application includes: larger tires’ sidewall rubber, apex, threading compound, bead compound. Small tires’ hose, Conveyor belt, seals, slab rubber and plastic color concentrate, etc.

Our carbon black processing plant is vertical reflection micro-grinder. It can finish the two processes of fine powder crushing and fine powder sorting at the same time. It consists of the body, feeding system, crushing equipment, discharging device, transmission and motor. Support equipment consists of main engine, dust chamber, high-pressure centrifugal fan, air seal, cyclone collector and electric control cabinet.

Carbon black grinding machine
Fine Carbon Black Powder Grinding Mill for Sale in Kingtiger

Kingtiger carbon black grinding mill is fully automatic production. End product can be mixed according customer’s different requirements such as N330,N550, and N660, etc. there is no any pollution during the whole process, which avoid the secondary pollution.

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