Small Scale Pyrolysis Plant

small pyrolysis plant

Compared with other waste disposal methods, pyrolysis technology is the best green solution. More and more people want to establish a pyroysis plant to turn waste to energy. But large investment cost is the biggest problem. Kingtiger can supply a type of small pyrolysis machine with cheaper price; it is also called as batch pyrolsis … Read more

Plastic to Oil Machine for Sale

Conversion of Plastic to Oil

To better dispose waste plastics, more and more people are interested in waste plastic to fuel conversion technology and plastic to oil machine for sale. With the low price but high quality, the waste plastic to oil conversion machine from Kingtiger has become hot sale. This plant uses advanced pyrolysis technology, which can convert plastic … Read more

Machine Turns Plastic into Oil

Do you find that we are encompassed with waste plastics? Do you want to solve this white pollution? Do you want to buy a machine turns plastic into oil? Kingtiger can supply with you different solutions according to your requirements. Our company produces and exports all kinds of waste to waste disposal plants. We supply … Read more

Waste Plastic to Fuel Oil Conversion Plant

Are you looking for a high quality waste plastic to fuel oil conversion plant? Please look at Kingtiger Group’s plastic to oil machine. You will be satisfied with our machine. Kingtiger is a famous manufacturer for series of environmental plant, from pretreatment to disposal of end products. Among our products, waste pyrolysis plant for processing … Read more

Waste Plastic to Diesel Plant

plastic into diesel machine

Due to the waste plastic products are easy to get aging and degradation resistant, a lot of white pollution has become a serious social problem. Kingtiger Group manufactures a green waste plastic to diesel plant for sale that turns plastic into unleaded gasoline and light diesel oil. It changes waste plastic into wealth. This not only … Read more