Charcoal Making Machine

Kingtiger charcoal making machine for sale is also called as biomass charcoal making machine or biomass carbonization plant. The raw materials that are suitable for the machine include wood, rice hull, sawdust, coconut shell, bamboo, sewage sludge, olive shell, wood, grass and other kinds of biomass. The end products are charcoal, wood tar and wood vinegar, as well as combustible gas. It is a machine that can deal with biomass waste in a green and profitable way.

Charcoal Making Machine
Kingtiger Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

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Introduction of Kingtiger Charcoal Maker Machine

Kingtiger charcoal making equipment is has been equipped with continuous carbonization furnace (also called as charcoal making furnace) and uses the most advanced carbonization technology. Biomass is processed into charcoal after dry distillation and anaerobic carbonation, under the high temperature from 400 to 600 degree Celsius. Our continuous charcoal equipment requires the feed diameter of biomass less than 50mm, and water content less than 20%. If biomass do not meet the requirements, it shall be pretreated by professional biomass crusher and drying device. Combustible gas produced in the production process including methane and oxygen will be recycled as fuel in burner. Thus not only can solve environment pollution of smoke and thermal required by equipment, but also can protect our environment and save fuel cost.

Kingtiger Charcoal Production Equipment in Ukraine

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Kingtiger charcoal machine for sale is a new technology mainly based on producing bio-gas and charcoal, through the production process of “high temperature pyrolysis, evaporation of flue gas and charcoal concentration”. This carbonization technology has been explored and tried out more than 50 years. It has been widely used in many industries and departments, such as municipal solid waste, industrial papermaking waste, municipal sludge treatment, as well as soil improvement. Our charcoal making machine has many advantages of low energy consumption, simple operation, environment-friendly, obvious reduction of biomass waste volume, free of smoke and sulfur of the end products. Calorie value of biomass gas is more than 4500 calories, which can replace the natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal and other tradition fuels. Carbon content of charcoal is about 60%; but it is smoke-free and tasteless new advanced fuel; at the same time, charcoal can be reprocessed into activated carbon for absorbing.

Kingtiger Charcoal Making Machine in Netherlands

charcoal carbonization furnace
charcoal production machine
charcoal manufacturing plant

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Advantages of Kingtiger Charcoal Making Equipment for Sale

1. Our charcoal making machine can dry raw materials at almost no cost, because it uses residual heat and smoke to remove moisture. This is called as “two steps with one fire”; there is only need the carbonization cost, utilization rate of material heat value up to 90%. Traditional carbonization furnace does not have this structure.

2. Our technological process is “self-heating from carbonization”, due to combustible gas produced from carbonization reactor can be enough to maintain the whole carbonization process. This can save energy and protect our environment. Traditional machine uses coal as the fuel, this has more disadvantages: it will increase exhaust emissions and need more environmental protection equipment; and it is difficult to control the temperature.

3. As for the preheating heat source before the start of the carbonization, there are two ways for choosing. One is biomass carbonization furnace to produce combustible gas; another way is to uses hot air source. Hot air source can be designed according to requirements of our customers. They can choose the local cheapest material as fuel, such as charcoal, coal, biomass, combustible gas, combustible waste, and so on. This design can save fuel cost and achieve virtuous circle. The more hot air source and step they have, the higher investment cost on fuel, electricity and labor costs will increase. So our system absolutely uses one hot air source.

4. Hot air source can be designed according to requirements of our customers. They can choose the local cheapest material as fuel, such as charcoal, coal, biomass, combustible gas, combustible waste, and so on. This design can save fuel cost and achieve virtuous circle. The more hot air source and step they have, the higher investment cost on fuel, electricity and labor costs will increase. So our system absolutely uses one hot air source.

charcoal making equipment
Customers Want to Install Kingtiger Charcoal Making Equipment in Thailand

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Kingtiger BST-50 Charcoal Manufacturing Plant in Turkey

charcoal machine
charcoal manufacturing machine
charcoal powder making machine

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Models of Kingtiger Charcoal Machine for Sale

To meet more customers’ requirement, Kingtiger Group has designed five models of charcoal making machines available for your choice. All the models have adopted continuous operation system. If you have more raw materials to deal with, or you have any special requirement, we can also provide you with customized service.

Hourly Feeding  Capacity500kg0.8-1 Tons1.5-2Tons2.5-3Tons
Working MethodContinuous
Raw Materials1. All kinds of biomass waste, such as sawdust, Coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo,etc.

2. Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge,etc

3. MSW

Reactor SizeΦ800Φ1000Φ1300Φ1700
PatternHorizontal & Rotary
Heating MaterialsCharcoal, Wood, diesel, Natural Gas, LPG, Biomass, etc.
Total Power40 kw/h55kw/h60kw/h72kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H)30m*15m*7m35*15*7m45*15*10m50*15*10m
Operating PressureConstant Pressure
Cooling MethodRecycling Water Cooling
 Life span5-8 Years

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Simple Description of Charcoal Carbonization Process

1. Pretreat biomass less than 50mm by crushing machine;

2. The crushed is fed into drying system by automatic conveying system. Fuel of our drying system sources from flue gas waste heat produced carbonization process. Hot air is lead into dryer. Raw material is dried step by step, with mode of screw-feeding and batch splitting;

3. Then the biomass dried will automatically fall into carbonization furnace. Temperature for carbonization is about 400 to 600 degree Celsius. The higher the temperature, the greater the yield; the faster the carbonization rate, the lower the operation cost;

4. Charcoal will be discharged and collected by professional equipment after through water cooling system. Temperature of charcoal discharged is about 30 degree Celsius. Biogas is collected by special equipment after it has been purified with dry or wet multistage purification, or it can be recycled as fuel for heating the carbonization furnace for charcoal. Wood tar and wood vinegar are collected by professional collecting system.

Raw Materials Available for Kingtiger Charcoal Manufacturing Machine

Rice Husk
Rice Husk
Palm Shell
Palm Shell
Coconut Shell
Coconut Shell
Sewage Sludge
Sewage Sludge

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Analysis of Charcoal from Different Biomass Materials

Date: 17-07-31

ItemCoffee NutWood SawdustRice Husk (Tianjin)Rice Husk (Henan)Coconut Shells
Moisture (%)11.786.845.126.099.1
Bound Waste (%)1.214.512.593.584.19
Ash (%)2.755.7849.2139.080.18
Volatile (%)30.9620.813.3719.126.95
Fixed Carbon (%)65.0868.9134.8338.2288.68
Sulphur (%)
Max Heat Value (kcal/kg)70506454339638607277
Min Heat Value (kcal/kg)60536088312735596724

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Applications of the End Products from KingTiger Charcoal Production Equipment

After processed by charcoal making machine, the biomass can be converted into charcoal, bio-gas, wood vinegar and tar. All of them can be widely used in many areas.



1. Daily life:

– Widely used as fuel for BBQ and heating installation.

– Used as fuel in other area.

2. Agriculture

– Raise ground temperature.

– Improve the soil and keep soil moisture.

– Used as retarder in pesticides and fertilizers to change soil PH, increase soil CO2 concentration, adsorb harmful metals in soil, as well as improve soil microbial activity.

3. Food

– Used as food additive.

– Used for decoloration and refining of saccharides.

– Used for food preservation, large freezer, refrigerator deodorant.

4. Industry

– Used for producing construction bricks with clay.

– Used as fuel in metallurgical plant.

– Applicable to the plant with charcoal as raw material, such as activated carbon plant, mosquito incense factory, explosives factory, rubber factory, as well as insulation material factory.

5. Pharmaceuticals

Used for decolorization and purification of chemical reagents and biomedical, removal of pyrogen in injection.

Wood Tar

Wood Tar
Wood Tar

1. Industry

– It contains more than 300 kinds of chemical elements; it is more important chemical raw materials;

– Used for waterproof;

– Used for industrial anti-corrosion.

2. Agriculture

– Used for regulating plant nutrition to improve plant growth;

– Used as insecticide.

Wood Vinegar

Wood Vinegar
Wood Vinegar

1. Food

Used as food preservative.

2. Pharmaceuticals

Used for medical sterilization and treatment of skin diseases.

Combustible Gas

1. Daily life

Widely used as fuel.

2. Agriculture

Used for heating green agriculture.

3. Industry

– Can be used as fuel;

– Can be used for drying;

– Can be used for generator.

Owing high quality, advanced technology, reasonable price and top-class service, Kingtiger charcoal making machine has been exported to many countries, including Turkey, Ukraine, Kenya, Spain, etc. We also focus our main market in South Africa, Indonesia, Romania, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand in 2018. If you have interest in the machine, please fill in the following table to contact us. Or follow Kingtiger Group on Facebook.

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