Continuous Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Sold to India

On July 5, 2018, after a series of testing and investigations, our continuous plastic pyrolysis plant and oil distillation plant successfully won the trust of customers from Indian. The customer signed the contract with our company. our continuous plastic pyrolysis plant sold to India.  Our environmental protection equipment will open a new market in India, and we will return our customers with the highest quality equipment and services.

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Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Sold to India

The continuous plastic pyrolysis plant can converting waste plastics into fuel oil and carbon black. The fuel oil is also can be called as pyrolysis oil, furnace oil and plastic oil, it can be as fuel in boiler or metal production plant. Pyrolysis oil is also can be refined into diesel oil by our oil distillation plant, which can be used as fuel for heavy machine.

Continuous plastic pyrolysis machine is equiped with automatic feeding system and discharging system. It can realize 24 hours feeding and discharging without interruption, thus design can greatly improve production efficiency and save labor cost.

If the investment cost is insufficient and want to buy the cheaper plastic to oil machine, you can choose our batching or semi-continuous pyrolysis equipment. Batching plant is different with continuous and semi-continuous, discharging shall be taken after pyrolysis furnace is cooled down. Semi-continuous plant need feeding plastic waste by batch, but it does not require cooling down the pyrolysis reactor.

Plastic pyrolysis plant sold to india
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Kingtiger Group is the leader of China’s waste to energy equipment. Our waste recycling plant has been sold all over the world, and we have rich experience in installation in many countries and regions. We have a modern factory, a top design team, a professional sales team, as well as high quality after-sales service. Our engineers can provide custom designs according to customer requirements.

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