Conversion of Pyrolysis Oil to Diesel Plant

Pyrolysis oil is also called furnace oil; it is produced by waste pyrolysis plant. It mainly refers to tyre oil, plastic oil, rubber oil, as well as biomass oil. Pyrolysis oil cannot be used for vehicles, and it mainly used as fuel oil for heating furnace in metallurgical refinery. But if pyrolysis is refined by conversion of pyrolysis oil to diesel plant, it can be used directly for vehicles as fuel oil. Diesel oil and gasoline refined from pyrolysis oil have broad market prospects and huge economic benefits.

Tyre oil to diesel
Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Process in Kingtiger

Kingtiger Group supplies advanced pyrolysis oil to diesel oil plant. Our plant uses distillation technology and closed production process. There is no pollution in the whole process. Exhaust gas is recycled as fuel oil for heating reactor; while the smoke will be processed by advanced dust removal device. Our machine has been exported into many countries; it has been satisfied with our customers because of high quality and competitive price.

The detailed production process is the same as our pyrolysis oil distillation equipment. If you want to learn more, you can click it.

Plastic pyrolysis oil refining
Conversion of Pyrolysis Oil to Diesel Plant in Kingtiger

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Technical Parameters of Conversion of Pyrolysis Oil to Diesel Plant

Oil Yield5.1T/D8.5T/D
Working MethodBatch
Raw MaterialsCrude oil, waste oil, fuel oil, used engine oil
Heating MaterialsOil, LPG, natural gas, wood, coal, etc.
Structural FormVertical
Cooling MethodWater cooling
Operating PressureNormal and Vacuum
Service Life5-8 years
Conversion of pyrolysis oil to diesel oil plant
Kingtiger Pyrolysis Oil Recycling to Diesel System

Distillation System of Kingtiger Pyrolysis Oil to Diesel Equipment

Kingtiger distillation system consists of distillation reactor, fractionating tower, cyclone depositing tank, condenser and oil storage tank. Raw materials in reactor are heated by a heating furnace. The special internal structure of fractionating tower can greatly improve the quality of the distillate obtained. Most of the ash is collected by cyclone depositing tank, thereby reducing the impurity content of the distillate. The condenser adopts the tube design, with advantages of easy to open and maintenance.

Advantage of our pyrolysis oil to diesel oil system is that all the temperature, pressure and liquid level parameters of the unit can be displayed on the electric cabinet. It also can display over-temperature, over-pressure and liquid level, which greatly reducing the risk and waste caused by human factors.

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