Municipal Solid Waste Management Plant in Malaysia

During August 14th – 21st, Kingtiger sales team flied to Malaysia to visit our new and old customers. Through the short visiting, we have simply learned about the situations and development space of municipal solid waste management plant in Malaysia market. We are very optimistic about the Malaysia market. And we also hope to know more about each other and get the trust from our customers.

Kingtiger Team to Malaysia
Kingtiger Team to Malaysia

Kingtiger team in Malaysia:

Kingtiger in Malaysia
Kingtiger team in Malaysia
Kingtiger Group in Malaysia
Kingtiger team visited Malaysia customers

The following is the market analysis of Kingtiger products in Malaysia:

Municipal solid waste management plant – Sorting machine in Malaysia

Malaysia’s current government has just changed. At present, the new government is more positive about MSW management, and the overall policy is more favorable. For the garbage disposal, the Malay government has related policy for fee subsidy.

Discussion About Municipal Solid Waste Management in Malaysia
Discussion About Municipal Solid Waste Management Plant in Malaysia

Situations of municipal solid waste treatment in Malaysia:

Firstly, at present, the waste disposal in Malaysia is still mainly based on landfill disposal, which is a waste of source and also seriously polluting the local environment. It is known from our customers, after receiving the garbage disposal right from the government, the local companies will hire people to manually sort the available materials from the garbage in the landfills and then obtain profits by selling the materials. In this way, the overall recycling rate and profist are quite low.

Secondly, the biggest feature of waste in Malaysia is the high moisture content, which requires special attention in the waste treatment process.

Thirdly, the plastic content in the garbage is higher, which is a good chance for Kingtiger waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

Fourthly, the Malaysia companies and government are current approaching waste management equipment and technology, to find the best waste disposal solutions. It is also a good chance for Kingtiger to enter Malaysia market.

Municipal Solid Waste Management Plant
Kingtiger Municipal Solid Waste Management Plant

Municipal solid waste pyrolysis plant – waste to oil machine in Malaysia

At present, there are more than a dozen operators of pyrolysis equipment for plastics and tires in Malaysia. The form of the current waste pyrolysis plant is rotary pyrolysis reactor. The final products from waste pyrolysis machine in Malaysia are mainly tyre oil, plastic oil as well as carbon black, which have good demand in the market and in the stage of short supply. The tyre pyrolysis oil and plastic oil are mainly sold to nearby cement plants, boiler plants, and other places to used as heating fuel.

Communication With Malaysia Customers
Communication With Malaysia Customers

Current problems of pyrolysis plants in Malaysia:

The lalaysia government has raised the environment protection standards, so the current batch type pyrolysis plant can’t continue operating. There are two main reasons:

1. The heating method is not allowed by the government. It is considered that there is smoke leaking in the heating part of the pyrolysis reactor.

2. The dust removal system is not up to standard, which will pollute the environment seriously.

The government in Malaysia has issued new environment standards. Therefore, the customers are currently considering upgrading the equipment and considering buying the fully continuous pyrolysis plant, which is also a good chance for Kingtiger pyrolysis plant.

Kingtiger Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Plant
Kingtiger Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

Biomass charcoal making machine – Carbonization plant in Malaysia

Discussion About Charcoal Making Machine
Discussion About Charcoal Making Machine

The current carbonization market in Malaysia is forecasting well. There are two kinds of raw materials available in the local area: logs & palm shells, palm fibers. Due to the conditions of the two materials, more customers consider continuous carbonization furnace for further processing, which has lower cost and good effect. The carbonized wood or palm shell are sold at a relatively high price, most of which will be used for exporting.

Charcoal Making Machine
Kingtiger Charcoal Making Machine

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