Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine

With the development of urbanization and living standard, the amount of municipal solid waste is increasing. Urban waste has occupied a large amount of land and polluted our environment. It is an urgent problem how to properly manage solid waste to achieve reduction, resource, harmless and recycling. Municipal solid waste (MSW) is mixed with all kinds of wastes including household waste, commercial waste, sewage sludge, etc. Most of them can be recycled and reused after segregation by professional sorting system. Kingtiger is famous manufacturer for municipal solid waste sorting machine. Our company can supply different sorting solutions according to requirements, and supply turn-key project.

Waste sorting technology
kingtiger Solid Waste Sorting Machine for Sale

Raw material: mixed municipal solid waste

End products: waste plastic, metal, earth and stone, organic, etc.

Main Parts of Kingtiger Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine

  1. Smooth auto feeder
  2. Manual sorting platform
  3. Bag breaker
  4. Rotating screening machine
  5. Magnetic separator
  6. Gravity separator
  7. Comprehensive winnowing machine
  8. Auto packing machine
Ways to segregate waste
Kingtiger City Waste Sorter with Low Price

Safety of Kingtiger Municipal Solid Waste Recycling (MSW) Processing Systems

  • Fully automatic operation to avoid manual mistake
  • Sealed sorting process to reduce pollution
  • Professional deodorizing system to ensure working environment

Anticorrosion Treatment of MSW Sorting Line

  • All parts apply to corrosion environment.
  • Derusting grade carbon steels surface meet the Sa2.5 of GB8923-88 standard.
  • Zinc rich primer and alkyd paints, the total film thickness shall be no less than 160μm.
  • If the coating is damaged during transportation and installation, we will repair it in according with the painting process, quality of coating repaired is not lower than the original.
Municipal solid waste sorting machine
High Quality Solid Waste Separators Machines

Model of Kingtiger MSW Sorting Machines

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-300 BFX-400
Capacity 100T 200T 300T 400T
Power 224.7kW 263kW 279kW 294kW
Floor area 5366m2 6112 m2 6200 m2 6800 m2

Kingtiger Group is comprehensive supplier for all kinds of waste disposal solutions. We can give you the strongest technical support and the quality service for before-sales and after sales. Besides sorting plants, we also can supply plant for reusing end product of sorting machine like waste plastic and organic, if you want to learn more. Waste plastic can be turned into fuel oil, organic can be turned into charcoal. If you want to learn more, please click them.

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