PET Bottle Recycling Machine

PET bottle is the largest usage amount for packaging beverage, such as sodas, drinking water, fruit juice, enzymes and tea drinks. It is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical packaging and many other fields. But how to recycle PET plastic bottles has become a hot topic. There are two solutions on disposal of waste plastic bottles in Kingtiger, one is chemical solution of turning plastic to fuel oil by pyrolysis machine, and another is physical solution of changing plastic into plastic granules. PET bottle recycling machine for sale from Kingtiger is the machine that can recycle waste PET bottles into plastic granules. It is also called as the used pet bottle recycling plant.

pet recycler
PET Bottle Recycling Machine for sale in Kingtiger

Kingtiger Group is a manufacturer of recycling machine integrated with design, research and development, as well as production. Our pet bottle recycle plant owns mature process and technology. The whole process includes five steps: off-label and sorting, bottle crushing, cleaning and drying, and pellet making. Main device include plastic bottle crusher, washing plant screw feeder, off-label machine, drying machine, as well as pellet machine, etc. This system is one of waste plastic recycle system for sale in Kingtiger.

PET recycling equipment
Used Pet Bottle Recycling Plant Price in Kingtiger

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Process of Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine

  1. PET bottle will be delivered into off-label machine, PVC label will be removed.
  2. Plastic bottles without label will be crushed into 12 to 16 mm plastic flakes by crusher.
  3. Due to plastic flakes are mixed with PP bottle caps, so they will be separated in flotation separation sink. Then flakes without bottle caps will be sent into hot pot for high-temperature steaming. Then it will be sent into high-speed friction washing machine for removing impurities. At last, you will get high purity and clean plastic flakes.
  4. 97% of moisture in flakes will be removed by drying machine. Otherwise, the flakes also can be dried to 99% by hot-air blower.
  5. Then the dried and clean flakes will be produced into granules through extrusion machine, cooling machine and cutting machine.
PET recycling process
Off-label Machine for Sale in Kingtiger

Basic Parameters of PET Bottle Recycling Machine

Off label machine


Model: 630
Size: 4500*1000*1700 (L*W*H)
Power: 11kw
Shredding machineModel: 600
Size: 2300*1500*1600 (L*W*H)
Power: 18.5kw
PotherSize: 5000*1000*1300 (L*W*H)
Power: 2.2kw
Drying machineModel: 550
Size: 2300*850*1650 (L*W*H)
Power: 7.5kw
Pellet machineModel: 125
Size: 3500*1000*1400 (L*W*H)
Power: 22kw with 500# reduce machine
Screw: 2600mm (L)
Cooling water channelSize: 4000*400*500 (L*W*H)
Automatic temperature control cabinetSize: 1000*500*1700 (L*W*H)
PelletizerPower: 1.5kw

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Features of Pet Bottle Recycling Plant

  1. Our plant uses reaction extruder with high aspect ratio, intrinsic viscosity of polyester bottles materials will be improved significantly.
  2. There are high vacuum polycondensation reaction and melt blending of material in screw extruder, which can save energy consumption cost.
  3. Our plastic bottle recycling equipment applies continuous production, with advantages of large capacity, considerable economic benefit, as well as low pollution.
Plant to recycle waste plastic bottles
Plastic Bottle Shredder Cost in Kingtiger

Applications of Plastic Granules

Plastic granules can be used as chemical fiber textile materials, raw material for pet sheet, and engineering plastics injection molding, etc.

Our Service:

  1. Supply with design of project and technical process, make the optimal solution.
  2. Our technical staff will be sent to your site for instillation, test running, and training operators.
  3. We guarantee to keep our plant in good repair for free in one year, promise that to give maintenance for life-long maintenance.

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