Rubber Powder Production Line

At present, you can find waste tyre everywhere, people have found business opportunities to recycle waste tires. Are you looking for a type of recycling machine to change tyre into rubber powder? Now, Kingtiger will supply you with the best rubber powder production line.

Our complete rubber powder production machine can crush the whole tyres into rubber granules with size of 30 to 200mesh. The whole process line includes: tyre wire puller, tyre cutting machine, tire shredder, belt conveyor, coarse crusher, superfine rubber mill, screw conveyer, fiber separator, rubber powder classifier, and rubber vibrating magnetic separator.

Tire shredding machine
Used Tire Processing Plant for Sale in Kingtiger

The detailed process is as the follows:

Step 1: Tyre Wire Puller

Tyre wire puller can pull the steel from bear inside the tire completely, after that, the tyre will be easy crushed and cut. The main parts includes: motor, pull hook, rack, cross-shaped board, oil cylinder, hydraulic unit, control handle and guide pulley.

Tire wire puller price
Waste Tyre Wire Puller for Tire Recycling Equipement


Size of waste tyre: ≤ Ø1200 mm
Power: 7.5KW
Operating pressure: 15T
Cylinder stroke: 1300mm
Weight: 1.6T

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Step 2: Tire Cutting Machine

Tyre cutting machine is only used to cut whole tire if its diameter is larger than 1200mm. If size of tire is less than 1200mm, it will not need this step.

Jaw Tyre Cutting Machine of Rubber Powder Production Line
Jaw Tyre Cutting Machine of Rubber Powder Production Line

Type: J-3000
Tyre size: ≤ Ø3000 mm
Powder: 18.5kw
Operating pressure: 380T
Weight: 25T

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Step 3: Tire Shredder

Comprehensive tire shredder can be used to shred used tyre into rubber block. The main parts includes: tire hoist, power system, knife set for shredding, as well as screening.
There are two types for sale.

Tyre shredder cost
Comprehensive Tire Shredder for Waste Pyrolysis Plant

Type: 900
Capacity: 2ton/h
Tyre size: ≤ Ø900mm
Products size: 50*50mm
Power: 20*2+1.5+0.5KW
Area size: 2000x2500x2800mm
Weight: 6.8T

Type: 1200
Capacity: 4ton/h
Tyre size: ≤ Ø1200mm
Products size: 50*50mm
Power: 45*2+1.5+1.5KW
Area size: 4000x3400x3700mm
Weight: 18T

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Step 4: Belt Conveyor

This conveyor is designed to convey the whole tire and rubber block. Main parts includes: motor, speed reducer, conveyor belt, roller, rack, back plate, as well as trundle, etc.

Belt conveyer low price
Belt Conveyor for Waste Tire Recycling Plant

Type: D-13000
Capacity: 0.1-10 ton/h (can be adjusted according to different requirements)
Conveying length: 4-10m
Conveying height: 1-5m
Conveying width: 500-1300mm
Conveying speed: 10-30m/min
Power: 1.1-3KW
Weight: 1.6T

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Step 5: Coarse Crusher

After tires have been crushed by tire shredder, its size is about 50mm; then they shall be crushed by coarse crusher. Coarse crusher can crush rubber block into small size of 2-15mm.

Hot sell coarse crusher
Waste Tyre Coarse Crusher for sale from Kingtiger

Type: CS-1000
Capacity: 800-1600 (kg/h)
Feeding size of rubber: 50x50mm
Size of products: 2-15mm
Power: 37KW
Area size: 2000x1800x2500mm
Weight: 2T

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Step 6: Superfine Rubber Mill

This machine can crush rubber into small granules with 2-3mm.

Tyre fine crushing machine
Superfine Rubber Mill of Rubber Powder Production Machine

Type: XS-300
Capacity: 1.5-2.5 (kg/h)
Feeding size of rubber: ≤20mm
Size of products: 2-3mm
Power: 30KW
Area size: 1400x1100x1900mm
Weight: 2T

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Step 7: Screw Conveyer

This is conveying equipment that can connect each machine if required; or it can separate rubber powder from rubber granules. Its main parts include: motor, speed reducer, conveying pipe, screw shaft, hopper, rack, inspection window, separator, rotary valve, as well as discharge hole, etc.

screw conveyor
Screw Conveyer for Rubber Recycling System

Type: LS-70
Capacity: 0.5-1.5 (t/h) (can be adjusted according to different requirements)
Length: 3-8m
Speed: 60m/min
Power: 1.1-3KW
Weight: 0.8T

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Step 8: Fiber Separator

This is air classifier with high performance; it can separate rubber granules from fiber. It is convenient to improve purity of granules. Main parts include: exhaust inlet, air register, flexible pipe, draught fan, rack, cyclone separator, etc.

fiber separator in China
Fiber Separator for Sale from Kingtiger

Type: CXF-70
Capacity: 0.4-1 (t/h)
Raw material: rubber granules, fiber
Power: 7.5KW
Quantity of exhaust inlet: 2
Weight: 1.5T

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Step 9: Rubber Powder Classifier

This classifier can separate rubber powder into light powder and heavy powder when powder is high-speed boiling in negative pressure condition. Main parts include: variable-frequency motor, V-type belt wheel, feed pipe, bearig block, rotor, large fan blade, small fan blade, adjusting plate, lining plate, lock valve, etc.

Rubber powder classifier with low price
Rubber Powder Classifier for Sale from Kingtiger

Capacity: 0.3-0.8 (t/h)
Speed of main shaft: 15-1200r/min
Granularity: 15-150Mesh
Power: 7.5+1.1KW
Efficiency: 98%
Weight: 1.3T

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Step 10: Rubber Vibrating Magnetic Separator

This unit is used for screening of rubber granules. Main parts include: motor, rack, screen frame, spring, discharge opening, etc.

Rubber powder magnetic separtor
Rubber Vibrating Magnetic Separator for sale from Kingtiger

Type: CS-1000
Capacity: 0.5-1 (t/h)
Granularity: 10-150Mesh
Power: 0.55KW
Efficiency of iron removal: 99%
Height: 100-200mm
Weight: 1.3T

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Applications of Rubber Powder from Rubber Powder Production Machine in Kingtiger:

Advantages of Waste Tyre Recycling Rubber Powder Production Line

  • This production line is environmentally friendly, there is free of odor, waste water and residue. It is researched and developed by our technical personnel, and combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, and it has obtained a dozen patents.
  • It is controlled by automatic PLC, with easy operation and high efficiency
  • It is equipped with special grinding wheels, which can produce 30-200mesh rubber powder.

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