Tire Shredding Machine

Kingtiger can supply the most advanced rubber powder production line. Tire shredding machine is the main machine in the process of waste tyre recycling or rubber powder production. It is also called as tyre shredder. At normal temperature, tyre shredding machine can shred radial tire and diagonal tire without steel into 50x50mm rubber blocks. It mainly includes tire hoist, power system, shredding steels, as well as screening unit.

Tire shredder for sale from Kingtiger is the second generation. It is uses the most advanced technology. At the normal temperature, waste tyres can be shredded into 50x50mm blocks.

Tire shredding machine
Tire Shredders for Sale in Kingtiger

Technical Parameters of Tyre Shredder for Sale in Kingtiger

Tire Shredding Machine
Capacity1-3 ton/hour2.5-5 ton/hour
Feed size≦Ø 900mm≦Ø 1200mm
Output size50*50mm50*50mm
Motor power(20*2+1.5+0.5)kw(45*2+3)kw
Splindle rate16turn/min12turn/min

Operating Principle of Tire Shredding Machine in Kingtiger

Hydraulic motor will be driven by motor to get powerful cutting torque. It has equipped with planetary gear reducer. At normal temperature, waste tires in cutting room can be cut into blocks after continuous cutting and extruding. Quality rubber materials will be discharged after been separated by screen.

High Quality Tyre Shredding Machines from Kingtiger

Features of Tire Shredder Machine for Sale from Kingtiger

  • Kingtiger tire shredding equipment has advantages of cramped construction, advanced process, low energy consumption, as well as high efficiency. And it is convenient to maintain, because of crushing room is the open structure.
  • Our shredder has been equipped with planet gear speed reducer. It is smooth and reliable operation, low noise and higher safety.
  • Cutting edge of knife is the special cemented carbide, which has been processed by high hardness and wear-resisting. The wearing part can be changed quickly. It has advantages of long service life, high efficiency and advanced technology.
  • Round mesh screen is steel grid structure, with large blanking area. It is convenient to classify the qualified rubber blocks. And it also can avoid shredding the qualified rubber blocks repeatedly.

At last, tire shredding machine is the pretreatment machine for tyre pyrolysis plant. It can increase pyrolysis plant’s productivity and service life.

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