Tire Sidewall Cutter

Tire sidewall cutter is applied to cut sidewall of waste tyres for the next step; it is the first step of cutting tyres. Waste tyre shall be put on the disc platform. Then the inside of tyre will be locked by four-jaw rack by rotating hand wheel. Disc platform begin to rotate, cutting blade will cut waste tyres slowly.

Technical Parameters of Tyre Sidewall Cut from Kingtiger

Tire Sidewall Cutter
Size of tires750-1200mm
Productivity35whole tires/h
Tire sidewall cutting machine
Cheap Tire Sidewall Cutter for Sale in Kingtiger

Features of Tire Sidewall Cutter/Cutting Machine for Sale in Kingtiger

  • Cutting blade is the superior alloy steel; cutting edge is surfacing with high hardness alloy electrode. It has long service life and can be repaired with surfacing repeatedly.
  • Tyres can be locked easily, and cutting blade has short working stroke.
  • It has manual and automatic operations, customers can use any type according requirements.
  • It has advantages of rational design, stable performance, high quality, reasonable price, simple operation, as well as low noise emission.

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