Tyre Recycling Machinery for Sale

Kingtiger tyre recycling machinery for sale is used for processing waste tyres and rubbers into granules or rubber powder. Steel wire and fiber are completely separated. Granules and rubber powder has a broad market.

Waste tyre recycling machinery price
Kingtiger Waste Tyre Recycling Machinery for Sale

Kingtiger tire recycling system mainly includes wire puller, tire cutting machine, shredder, crusher, rubber mill, fiber separator, etc. It also called as rubber powder production line, used tire processing plant, tire grinding machine.

Otherwise, our tire recycling machinery is equipped with cooling system, dust removal device and atomized spray system. The whole operating process is dust free and clean. Click tyre recycling process to learn more.

Main Equipment of Kingtiger Tyre Recycling Machinery for Sale

  • Comprehensive shredder: waste tires are shredded into rubber blocks required.
  • Coarse crusher: rubber blocks are crushed into granules with size of 6 to 12mm.
  • Fine crusher: rubber granules with size of 6 to 12mm are crushed into granules with size of 1 to 3mm; and rubber and fiber are separated.
  • Fiber separator: nylon fiber is separated from rubber granules.
  • Superfine rubber mill: granules size of 1 to 3mm are milled into 30 to 200 mesh.
Tyre recycling machinery for sale in Kingtiger
Tyres Rubber Processing Machinery Price

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Applications of Rubber Granules

Sportssports ground, runway, rubber bricks, football ground2-5mm/3-7mm
Carpet industryCushion ply0.8-1.6mm/0.8-2.5mm
Carpet backing0.2-1.6mm
Car carpet<0.8mm
Civil constructionModified asphalt<0.8mm
Roofing materials<0.8mm
Street furniture &rail handrail0.8-2.5/1.6-4mm/2.5-4mm
Exterior coating layer<0.4mm
Masonry protection mat0.8-25mm

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