Used Lube Oil Re Refining Plant for Sale

Lube oil is used for a variety of vehicles to reduce friction and protect the machinery. But during the process, its properties will be changed due to the oxidation, thermal decomposition and impurity pollution. If we arbitrarily discard this used lubricant oil, it not only pollute the environment, but also waste resources. So many countries and people pay more attention on waste oil recycling. Now, according to characters of used oil recycling, Kingtiger Group supply environmental used lube oil re refining plant for sale, to recycle used lubricant oil into diesel, gasoline and base oil. Due to this plant uses vacuum distillation technology, so it is also called as the distillation plant. Our oil refining plant not only protects our environment, but also changes waste to energy.

Oil recycling plant
3D of Used Lube Oil Re Refining Plant for Sale

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Types of Used Lube Oil Re Refining Plant for Sale

Oil Yield5.1T/D8.5T/D
Working MethodBatch
Raw MaterialsCrude oil, waste oil, fuel oil, used engine oil
Heating MaterialsOil, LPG, natural gas, wood, coal, etc.
Structural FormVertical
Cooling MethodWater cooling
Operating PressureNormal and Vacuum
Service Life5-8 years

Advantages of Kingtiger Used Lubricant Oil Recycling Plant

As the top manufacturer for oil recycling plant, Kingtiger waste oil refining plant has been exported into many countries and got a good reputation, because of our waste lubricant oil recycling machine has many advantages.

  1. Al the equipment of our oil refining system have the CE and OSO certificate.
  2. The condenser is vertical, and each condensing pipe has larger cooling area. This design not only improves cooling effect, but also increases the oil yield.
  3. Our used oil refining plant uses new flue condenser. Thus has three advantages. Firstly, it better cooling of exhaust in combustion chamber. Secondly, it protects the draft fan. Thirdly, it can improve the dust removal effect.
  4. In order to ensure the 100% safety of our waste oil recycling plant, it is equipped with many advanced equipment, such as new safety valve, automatic alarm system, as well as the anti explosion valve.
  5. Our oil recycling machine uses triple dust removal system, so the exhaust emission is in accordance with European emission standards.
  6. Our plant uses automatic welding and ultrasonic detection to ensure the quality.
  7. Feeding and discharging uses oil pump, which can save the labor cost.
Used lube oil re refining plant for sale
Used Lube Oil Recycling Plant

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Parts of Kingtiger Used Lube Oil Re Refining Plant for Sale

Kingtiger used lube oil re refining plant has the most advanced process, it has been equipped with many advanced equipment to ensure the whole distillation process. our whole system includes oil pump, distillation reactor, distillation tower, condenser, oil tanks, acid treatment tank, alkaline treatment tank, filter system, dust removal system, vacuum generator, gas spray gun, etc. If you want to know the detailed function of each equipment, please contact us for free.

Waste lubricant oil recycling machine
Used Lube Oil Recycling Plant

Brief introduction on Kingtiger Used Lube Oil Recycling Plant Process

  • Pump the used lubricant oil into distillation reactor; then heat the reactor.
  • When the temperature reaches different working temperature, oil gas will be produced. Then gas oil is cooled by condenser, diesel, gasoline and base oil will be produced. Then they will pass through the acid treatment tank, alkaline treatment tank and filter system, the pure fuel oil will be produced.
  • Uncondensed combustible gas will pass through the waster seal, and then to heat the distillation reactor by spray gun.
  • Smoke dust will be treated by the professional dust removal system.
Used lubricant oil recycling plant
End Products of Oil Refining Plant

Kingtiger oil recycling plant is not only used for recycling used lube oil, but also can be used for many other waste oil, such as pyrolysis oil produced from pyrolysis of waste plastic and tyres, used engine oil, waste crude oil, waste motor oil, etc. Oil yield is more than 80%. Our modern factory welcome you, our advanced model used oil re refining plant welcome testing.

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