Waste Oil to Diesel Plant

If someone asks what the most valuable resource in the world is, oil resource is the best answer without doubt. That is means person who owns oil resource will owns wealth. So people have researched and developed pyrolysis plant converting scrap tires to tires oil. But purity and color of tire oil cannot meet the standard for cars, and it cannot be used for cars directly. On the other hand, there are many waste oil appeared due to  an increasing of all kinds of vehicles , such as waste motor oil, used engine oil and lubricating oil. So distillation technology is emerged, many companies supply distillation plant for waste oil disposal. Kingtiger Group is the top manufacturer of waste oil to diesel plant.

Pyrolysis oil distillation process
Waste Oil to Diesel Plant for Sale from Kingtiger

Tyre Oil to Diesel Plant Sales in Kingtiger GT

Tire oil to diesel refining machine from Kingtiger has exported more than 30 countries and regions. It is popular with our customers because of its simple operation, long service life, low cost and high throughput. It can turn tires oil and plastic oil into diesel and gasoline by distillation technology.

Waste motor oil recycling in China
Waste Oil Refining Equipment Price in Kingtiger Group

The whole process of waste oil refining equipment includes: preheater, strong spray tower, hot blast stove, distillation furnace, distillation tower, fractionating column, as well as condenser. Distillation furnace is connected with oil inlet. Air outlet of hot blast stove is connected with flue inlet of furnace. Smoke outlet of preheater is connected with strong spray tower. Distillation tower is above on the furnace. Oil outlet of tower is connected fractionating column. Oil and gas separation port of fractionating column is connected with condenser. Condenser is connected extractor. Extractor is connected with oil tank. Filtration tower is connected with diesel tank by pipe. You also can click the detailed process of waste oil distillation machine to get more information.

Waste Plastic to Fuel Conversion Plant for Sale from Kingtiger

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Basic Parameter of Kingtiger Tire Oil to Diesel Refining Machine

Oil Yield5.1T/D8.5T/D
Working MethodBatch
Raw MaterialsCrude oil, waste oil, fuel oil, used engine oil
Heating MaterialsOil, LPG, natural gas, wood, coal, etc.
Structural FormVertical
Cooling MethodWater cooling
Operating PressureNormal and Vacuum
Service Life5-8 years
tire oil recycling to diesel fuel plant
Complete Waste Oil to Diesel Plant with High Quality in Kingtiger

Main Advantages of Waste Oil Recycling to Diesel Fuel Plant in Kingtiger

  • We can supply five types of diesel plant to meet different requirements of our customers.
  • Each type of plant has been equipped with environmental protection machine, emissions in the whole process can achieve environmental protection standard, thus to avoid the secondary pollution.
  • Our equipment is low investment cost and high profit.

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