Waste Recycling Sorting Machine

Domestic garbage involves organic, inorganic, waste paper, plastic bags, fabric, glass, as well as metals. Traditional disposal methods of waste such as landfill and incineration have polluted our environment. Recycling of waste is the best solution, which not only can change waste to energy, to obtain economic benefit; but also to solve the environmental pollution. So Kingtiger Group manufactures waste recycling sorting machine through years of research and development. Precise waste sorting is the first step. In order to make good use of rubbish, the organics, combustible materials, metal, and plastic must be separated first. According to characteristics and practical experience of waste components, our company develops the intelligent and automatic municipal solid waste sorting line.

Waste sorting facility
High Quality Recycling Sorting Machine for Sale

How to Separate Trash for Recycling by Waste Recycling Sorting Machine

  1. Garbage is conveyed to the manual sorting platform by the belt conveyor; the large garbage and hazardous garbage are selected by workers.
  2. Then garbage is sent into bag breaker, which can break the bag.
  3. Garbage from bag breaker is sent into rotary screen, where the organic is sorted out. Metal is sorted out through the Suspended magnetic separator.
  4. Garbage with size over than 50mm is put into magnetic separator to sort out iron materials (iron beverage cans and packing pot). Then waste is sent into garbage crusher and comprehensive winnowing machine. Plastics and heavy materials (brick, stone, glass, rubber, etc.) are sorted out by comprehensive winnowing machine; the residual is mixed garbage (hard plastics, textiles, rubber products, wet paper products, etc.)
Waste sorting machine
Kingtiger Waste Recycling Sorting Machine for Sale

Main Equipment of Waste Recycling Sorting Machine

  1. Plate feeding machine: received and transported solid waste to the even distribution machine.
  2. Manual sorting platform: it is used for sorting large garbage and hazardous garbage. This room is equipped with ventilation system.
  3. Even distribution machine: solid waste can be evenly distributed on conveyor, which is convenient to sorting waste. Welding of frame applies national standard steel.
  4. Belt conveyor: it is used for conveying solid waste. Welding of the frame uses national standard U-steel.
  5. Rotary screening machine: output involves screen overflow and screen underflow. It is mainly used for sorting out the organic.
  6. Comprehensive winnowing machine: it is used for sorting light quality plastics; other two outputs are heavy waste (stones) and combustible (rubber, duroplastic, shoes, etc). The principal of this machine mainly adopts comprehensive sorting method, such as crushing, gravity method, volumetric method, cyclone separation, bouncing separation, as well magnetic separation.
  7. Suspended magnetic separator: it is used for sorting iron substance.
  8. Auto packing machine: it is mainly used for packing of light materials. The shape of package is cuboid, and the length can be adjusted according to requirements.
Trash sorting machine
Deodorizing Equipment of Waste Recycling Sorting Plant

Model of Kingtiger Waste Sorting Equipment

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-300 BFX-400
Capacity 100T 200T 300T 400T
Power 224.7kW 263kW 279kW 294kW
Floor area 5366m2 6112 m2 6200 m2 6800 m2

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