Waste Sorting Facility

Kingtiger waste sorting equipment has developed waste sorting technology. Our company uses advanced physical sorting technology according to characteristics of municipal solid waste; mixed waste can be sorted into different categories with high cleanliness and less impurity. Our waste sorting facility consists of smooth feeding machine, sorting equipment for large waste, garbage crusher, big organic crushing machine, air separation system, magnetic separator, etc. After the series sorting process, the mixed rubbish will be separated into six categories including organic, sand and earth, inorganic, unrecyclable combustible, plastics, as well as metal. Sorting purity reaches more than 85%, and purity of the plastic and plastic film can reach more than 90% to 95%. Waste sorting is the basis of waste disposal with “resource & industrialization”. Mixing of waste is rubbish, waste sorted is resource.

Waste sorting machine manufacturer
Kingtiger Waste Sorting Systems for Sale

Models of Kingtiger Waste Sorting Facility

Raw materialsMunicipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity5 T/H10T/H20T/H
Working time20 hours20 hours20 hours
Waste sorting systems sales
Waste Sorting Equipment in Kingtiger

Main Systems of Kingtiger Waste Sorting Systems Sales

Sorting Equipment for Large Waste

  1. This machine can separate large waste from mixed waste; more than 95% of stand will sorted out, 25% to 30% organics will be sorted out, and the large volume bagged garbage will be broken up.
  2. Then waste is sorted into about three categories including large waste, waste can be processed, stand and earth, etc. Large waste is sent into waste crusher, sand and earth is sent into organic transmission machine, disposable waste is sent into bag-breaking machine.
  3. Waste crushed is sent into the original garbage bin for the second sorting. With a view to cost of this machine and small quantity of large waste, customers can choose this machine according to requirements.
Solid segregation machine
Kingtiger Waste Sorting Facility Manufacturer

Comprehensive Separation Machine

  1. This machine is integrated with crushing, volumetric method and magnetic method, to solve several problems such as: the fixed sieve diameter of rolling cylinder screen, simple classification, low sorting purity, etc. Our machine is equipped with dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS), to improve the working environment; and the whole process is fully enclosed and mechanized operations.
  2. Kingtiger complete Waste sorting facility consists of many single machines; it can be appropriately assembled according to different requirements to form the garbage pretreatment process. Our company will design the pretreatment solution according the component of mix municipal solid waste. The whole complete waste sorting systems has advantages of fully automatic control, reliable performance, safety, simple operation, strong and reliable function, as well as large quantity. Our separation system is the most advanced in waste management.
Waste sorting facility
Kingtiger Waste Sorting Line for Sale

Kingtiger(shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is the high-tech environment protection Group, which specialized in R &D, design, manufacturing, installation and testing. Our company is rich experience in design of municipal solid waste management plant in many countries. If you want to learn more information, please check this sorting machine; or check Kingtiger Group to find other waste recycling solutions.

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