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Urban waste includes five categories food waste, general waste (paper, plastics, textiles, waste rubber, wood, glass, metal and dust), construction waste, cleaning waste, as well as hazardous waste. Garbage is one of the important causes of environment pollution. It can occupy valuable land resources and living space, spread disease, and also can pollute soil, water and atmosphere. So municipal solid waste management is important, many countries pay more attention on waste recycling. Before recycling, mixed garbage need be separated by advanced waste sorting machine.

Waste Sorting Machinery Project
3D Design of Waste Sorting Machinery Project

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According to the international general disposal pattern of urban garbage, Kingtiger Group has researched waste sorting machine for sale integrated with crushing, sorting, converting and packing. 30% of wastes are metal, rubber and plastic, they can be recycled. 40% of wastes are food waste can be processed into fertilizer for green plants. 10% of wastes are combustible matter such as wood, fiber and textile fabric, they can be compressed into stick as fuel. Dust, stones and sand can be sent to landfill; and this part of waste is harmless and cannot pollute environment.

Kingtiger Group is the top supplier and manufacturer of advanced sorting machines; including smooth feeding machine, bag crusher, integrated air separation machine, and magnetic separator, etc. our complete garbage sorting machine consists of dozens of equipment, which can be combined freely according customer’s requirements. This system is closed and fully automatic. Solid waste can be sorted into plastic, metal, organic, earth and stone. Sorting rate is more than 85%. The capacity of our trash sorting machine is 100T, 200T, 300T and 400T.

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waste sorting machine for sale
waste sorting machine project

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Models of Kingtiger Waste Sorting Machines for Sale

Raw materialsMunicipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity5 T/H10T/H20T/H
Working time20 hours20 hours20 hours

Main Process of Kingtiger Waste Sorting Project

  1. Waste is feed into recycling sorting equipment for big garbage by plate feeder. Three categories of waste shall be separated, big-size garbage, muck and sand, as well as processible waste.
  2. Big-size garbage will be feed into sorting equipment for big garbage again for secondary sorting after it is crushed into small-size garbage by professional crusher.
  3. Much and sand is conveyed into magnetic separator, metal materials and organic matter are separated.
  4. Processible waste is firstly conveyed into magnetic separator for sorting out metal materials. The rest of processible waste is orderly processed by bag-breaking machine and comprehensive separator. Four categories of waste shall be separated, such as plastic, inorganic substance, combustible material and organic material.

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waste sorter machine
Kingtiger Waste Sorter Machine for Sale | Fair Price

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Applications of End Products from Waste Sorting Machinery

  • Plastics have two disposal methods: one is that it can be recycled into plastic granules by plastic recycling machine. Another is that it can be converted into plastic oil and carbon black by plastic to oil pyrolysis machine; they can be sold out directly. But plastic oil can be refined into diesel oil and gasoline by professional plastic oil to diesel plant; this diesel oil can be used as fuel for vehicles. Carbon black can be milled into super fine carbon black by grinding machine, which has a good market.
    Metals are sold directly.
  • Organic material is treated into biogas by fermentation system.
  • Earth and stone is processed into brick by brick maker line.
Waste management sorter
End Products of Garbage Separation Systems in Kingtiger

Advantages of Kingtiger Waste Sorter Machine for Sale

  • The whole process is fully automatic, which not only to avoid manual mistake, but also to reduce labor cost.
  • The whole operation process is monitored by advanced monitoring and control system, which can ensure the smooth sorting.
  • Our automated sorting system is equipped with special deodorization system, which can ensure a sound working environment.
  • The whole sorting process is closed, which reduce the pollution.

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