Waste Sorting Systems

Kingtiger Group is a professional manufacturer for all kind of waste processing plant. We introduces the advanced waste sorting system. Our pre-sorting system can be freely combined according different requirements of customers.  Our sorting plant include special plastic sorter, bottle sorting machine, metal sorting machine, etc.  According to different waste, our garbage sorting systems adopt different methods by optical sorter, color sorting machine, etc.

waste sorting equipment for sale

Waste Sorting Plant

Waste sorting plant in Kingitger group, which is also called garbage sorting machine, provides higher efficient sorting process to sort ...
Waste Sorting Machinery Project

Waste Sorting Machine

Urban waste includes five categories food waste, general waste (paper, plastics, textiles, waste rubber, wood, glass, metal and dust), construction ...
Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine

Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine

With the development of urbanization and living standard, the amount of municipal solid waste is increasing. Urban waste has occupied ...

Waste Separation Machine

Why Should We Segregate Different Types of Wastes? Sorting waste is innovation of traditional garbage collection and disposal. With the ...
Comprehensive winnowing machine

Waste Recycling Sorting Machine

Domestic garbage involves organic, inorganic, waste paper, plastic bags, fabric, glass, as well as metals. Traditional disposal methods of waste ...
3D MSW Recycling Plant

Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Plants

What is the Municipal Solid Waste? Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is waste collected by or on behalf of a local ...

Waste Sorting Facility

Kingtiger waste sorting equipment has developed waste sorting technology. Our company uses advanced physical sorting technology according to characteristics of ...
Discussion About Municipal Solid Waste Management in Malaysia

Municipal Solid Waste Management Plant in Malaysia

During August 14th - 21st, Kingtiger sales team flied to Malaysia to visit our new and old customers. Through the ...

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