Waste Tire Pretreatment Machines

Pretreatment refers to the final processing conducted before the perfect preparation process during the waste disposaling. They are mainly used for the pyrolysis plant. On one side, if the raw material for pyrolysis is tire, then the pretreatment machine is the Tire Crusher. That means to disposal the tire and make the pyrolysis process much easier. On the other side, if the raw material for pyrolysis is plastic, the pretreatment machine will be the Plastic Dryer or Crusher. Because, if the plastic is wet, it will be difficult for the pyrolysis plant. But only the BLL-16 pyrolysis plant will use these waste pretreatment machines. Kingtiger is a professional pretreatment machine manufacturer who has rich experience in this industry.

Pretreatment Machine for Waste Pyrolysis From Kingtiger Group:



Name: Tyre Cutting Machine


Power: 18.5kw/hour

Weight: 25000kg

Tyre Size: ≤3000mm

Loading Tyre: Mechanical Hoisting

Hydraulic Pull: 380T

Features of Tyre Cutting Machine:

  1. Use: To cut off the tire block and strip, apply to cut all kinds of diagonal tire, rail tyre and tyre strip.
  2. Large shear knife, good shear effect, as well as low energy consumption.
  3. Use the hydraulic system, easy to operate, and very safe.

Kingtiger Pretreatment Machine Bead Cutter
Tire Bead Cutter For BLL-16


Name: Tire Bead Cutter

Capacity: 50-60 Pc/hour

Tire Diameter: 750-1200mm

Power: 3kw/hour

Weight: 2500kg

Features of Tyre Bead Cutter:

  1. Use: To cut off the tire lip steel ring, prolong the life span of the following machine’s cutter, and facilitate the following process.
  2. Specific alloy steel material for the cutting knife; long life-span and can be stack welded for repair repeatedly.
  3. Portability, light in weight and occupied a small area.
  4. The plant’s body is made of quality steel which will promise our customer a long product life span.
  5. Easy to operate, because it adopts the manual and automatic working pattern, 50-60 pieces/ hour which is more productive than other plants .

Thread Rolling Machine From Kingtiger
Thread Rolling Plant For Pyrolysis


Name: Thread Rolling Machine

Capacity: 40-60 Pc/H

Size for End Products: 60-80mm

Power: 11kw/hour

Weight: 1200kg


  • Use: Separate steel from rubber, used in decomposing and crashing of the tyre ring edge’s steel wire and the rubber.
  • Totally alloy chill casting steel for the two revolves, simple, easy to operation, and need narrow area.
  • Principle and character: Under the effect of the double roller, the ring edge separator can extrude the steel wire which is cut by the strip cutting machine, and then to separate the steel wire and the rubber.

Quality comprehensive crusher
Pretreatment Plant Comprehensive Crusher


Name: Tire Comprehensive Crusher

Capacity: 40-60 Pc/H

Size for End Products: 30×60mm/50×50 mm

Power: 11kw/hour

Weight: 2500kg

Rotate Speed: 24 r/min 、240 r/min


  • Fast and efficient, well proportioned product.
  • Auto loading, 100% security.
  • Specific alloy steel material for the cutting knife; long life time and can be stack welded for repair repeatedly.
  • Product size can be adjusted, energy saving

Quality Wire Pulling Machine For Tyre
Tire Wire Puller For BLL-16 Pyrolysis Plant


Name: Tyre Wire Puller

Power: 5.5kw/h

Reciprocate Speed: 1/min

Weight: 600kg

Dimension: 2m*0.5m*1m

Shredder Machine From Kingtiger
Quality Tire Pretreatment Shredder Machine


Name: Tire Shredder

Quantity of Blade: 12/20

Dimension of Blade: D560*T100mm

Maximum Capacity: 3000kg/h

Tire Size: 1200mm

Weight: 16000kg

 Tire Crusher Machine for Pretreatment Price
Pretreatment Comprehensive Tire Crusher Machine


Name: Tire Crushing Plant

Capacity: 40-60 Pc/H

Size for End Products: 30×60mm/50×50 mm

Power: 11kw/hour

Weight: 2500kg

Rotate Speed: 24 r/min 、240 r/min

Quality Pyrolysis Waste Plastic Dryer
Rotary Waste Plastic Dryer


Name: Waste Plastic Dryer

Material Moisture Content(%): 25 + / – 5

 Capacity: Varies

Power: 15-90KW

Discharge Water(%): 10 or less

This dryer plant is the materials drying device, for example, waste plastic before the pyrolysis processing, it is mainly composed by the revolving body, lifting plate, driving device, supporting device, sealing ring and other useful components. With the features of reasonable structure, perfect in workmanship, high yield, lower energy consumption, easy to operate, this dryer has draw many people’s attention. And it is high temperature resistance, it could dry the materials quickly.

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