Welcome! Lebanese Customers Came to Visit Kingtiger Factory!

On August 13, 2018, our customers from Lebanon came to China to visit Kingtiger factory. The customers mainly visited Kingtiger garbage sorting machine and pyrolysis equipment. Our sales team led them to visit our factory, gave them a detailed introduction of different systems, as well as showed them the operation of the machines.

Lebanese Customers Came to Visit Kingtiger Factory
Lebanese Customers Came to Visit Kingtiger

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The Lebanese customers are quite interested in waste to energy plant, which can sort resources from the municipal solid waste, such as plastic, organic waste, metal, and other combustible waste materials. The problem of waste management in Lebanon is imminent, so the customers hope to reuse the waste materials through the separation of waste materials, to achieve a combination of economic and environmental protection.

Lebanese customers in Kingtiger Factory
Lebanese customers in Kingtiger
Lebanese customers visited pyrolysis equipment

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The waste plastic and tyre pyrolysis plant can convert used tires and plastics into fuel oil and carbon black for reuse, which has aroused the attention of customers. They believe that pyrolysis of waste to fuels is a new and ideal way to realize turning waste into treasure. Both of the two sides expected to cooperate with each other soon. Kingtiger is also looking forward to opening the Lebanese market.

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